Types of Fantasy Movies

Some think that fantasy movies are much better than books. Many, who first read a fantasy book that was turned into a movie, love to do a comparison of the book with the movie.

There are several categories that come under the main category of fantasy, and in order to determine the best, we should focus on a good mix of these categories.

Fantasy Sc-Fi

There are many great movies that can come under this category such as:

  • Thor: This is a movie that was made on the very famous comic book series. The theme revolves around Norse Mythology. For those that saw Masters of the Universe, they will definitely see some similarities.
  • Star Wars: While there are several movies in the Star Wars series, the most current being talked about is The Last Jedi. This is one of those movies that the whole family can enjoy.

Horror Fantasy

  • Pan’s Labyrinth: Some may not agree that Pan’s Labyrinth, released in 2006, was not really horror niche, but when the little woman in this movie gets pulled into the horrific dangers of another world, what could you really call it?
  • A Monster Calls: A movie about monsters really does have to be considered as a horror movie. But in this movie, the monster is in a much gentler form where a young lad escapes his problems by entering into a fantasy world of monsters.

Action Fantasy

Batman vs. Superman: Everyone, young or old, loves action heroes in the fantasy world. This being the case, Dawn of Justice was an impressive fantasy film.

Mythical Fantasy

Gods of Egypt: When a fantasy movie uses the plot of ancient Egypt, it can be considered to be mythical. This is one of those which has something for everyone and brings the imagination of the viewers out.