The World of Fantasy in Literature and Film

Fantasy is a part of the fiction world. It is a genre that has provided entertainment in many different forms with the most noted being in literature and film. It has the ability to intrigue its audience no matter what the age or gender.

The roots of fantasy are that it usually exists in a world of its own. The theme of a good fantasy book or movie many times contains a theme that is considered mystical, supernatural or magical. This is what lends to the fantasy of the script or plot.

The fantasy genre is considered to be so important that it often plays a part in education regarding language studies or perhaps the study of history.

Quite often, budding new artists that are striving to make a name for themselves find that beginning with works of fantasy is a better road for them to take. They find it more appealing and not nearly as restrictive as what non-fiction is. They have the ability, as book authors or screenplay writers, to allow their imagination run wild. They also have great flexibility when it comes to the choice of their fantasy subcategory topics.

Interestingly, historians are not able to accurately depict when fantasy first began but many believe that when it came to literature of fantasy categorised as modern, it began with George McDonald who authored The Princess and the Goblin, in 1858, but it could actually go further back than this to John Ruskin who wrote The King of the Golden River in 1841.

While it may seem that the works of fantasy would be more appropriate for children, it was soon discovered that adults enjoy an opportunity to escape by reading a good fantasy book or watching a fantasy movie.

As fantasy can fit into the real world, it makes it a very popular genre.