The Classification of Fantasy

The classification of fantasy niche can be broken down into different categories. Most people will develop a favourite among the sub-classifications although there are some fantasy enthusiasts that do not have a specific preference. For them, as long as it is fantasy, they are happy to read or watch it.

Science Fiction

For the most part, books and movies that revolve around the world of science are classed as fantasy with plots that are just unimaginable for the real world. There are many science fiction buffs that are so intrigued with this concept of fantasy, with some carrying the thoughts that someday, what is depicted in these books and movies could become a reality.


Horror is one of the favourites in the fantasy category because it is normally based on the supernatural or magical fantasy theme. In order to earn the name of being a horror book or movie, it has to be able to keep the audience or reader on the edge of their seat.

Superhero Fiction

This subcategory of fantasy is mostly followed by the young generation. In fact, when most people think about fantasy productions, it is this category that jumps to the mind first. Although it was first made popular in the comic books, the box office makes a very lucrative profit off the adults that attend these movies that are based on the super hero.


This is the one that is most appealing to both young and old because it often has a magical plot to it. Otherwise, how could it really be classed as supernatural?

The explanation of where fantasy books and movies really fit in the world of reality means breaking them down even further into specific categories within their subcategories. For example, there are heroic fantasies that come under the superhero category, but the plot focuses on the story taking place in fantasy lands.