Fantasy in Design Styles

Fantasy is most common theme in books and movies but it also takes on a role in design. Many businesses that are open to the public like restaurants, cafes and even casinos will often create a theme for their decor and one of the favourites is fantasy.

One region that is really making this theme popular is in Tokyo. They now have a stream of cafes called fantasy cafes. Their decor focuses on the characters and plots of their famous productions of anime, and also popular video games which are based on the fantasy world. Their theme based environment not only is applicable to the decor, but the fantasy atmosphere is created with the staff dressing and taking on the role of many of the fantasy characters.

Casinos perhaps are most notable for pulling in fantasy as part of their design style. Their job doing this is made easy because of the numerous slot machines that are available with so many of them being based on fantasy themes. Casino owners can draw people to these games to further build on their decor by depicting some of the fantasy characters in their wall art and promotional materials. The entire casino fantasy atmosphere is also carried into the online casinos where at the same time, guests can enjoy no deposit casino free spins to increase their excitement and enjoyment.

Of course, when it comes to restaurants, anything that has to do with the Disney name can be counted as being fantasy based.

The Alice in Wonderland theme is also popular in Japanese cafes, but there is also a wonderful Tea Room in Manchester that has a beautiful Wonderland theme to it. The perfect setting for a fantasy genre.

Fantasy design in public places like this has the ability to make one feel happy and carefree, which is one of the objectives of any fantasy production.