Exciting Action Filled Fantasy Books

When trying to determine the best fantasy books, it really does mean looking at the old and the new. The older ones are every bit as intriguing as what the new ones are. In this part, the focus is going to be on some of those that were published during the 1950s.

The Chronicles of Narnia

This is comprised of a series of books that were written between 1950 to 1956. The author is the very well known. C.S. Lewis. The entire series is considered to be a fantasy for children. The plots all revolve around magic and a fantasy world that has talking animals. Characters are based on Christian, Greek, and Roman mythology.

The Broken Sword

This was published in 1950 and written by Poul Anderson. It is a fantasy action plot revolving around the world of Vikings. This falls into the heroic fantasy category. The story is intriguing as a child who was switched at birth is raised by the elves.

I am Legend

This is a 1954 science fiction story written by Richard Matheson. It is one that is considered as horror as it depicts a storyline where only one last person is left on earth and it opened up a whole new world for the genre of zombies, that has become so popular now as this genre has made its way into movies and television series. It is fantasy stories like these that appeal to both youngsters and adults alike.

The 13 Clocks

Written in 1950 by James Thurber, it revolves around the fantasy world of a princess in distress. It is going to take a very courageous prince to save her. So, this alone sets the scene for a very intriguing story that most youngsters find very appealing.

These are just a few of the many of what are considered to be the golden oldies in fantasy books.